@ Air Jump Moonwalks & Bounce House Rentals of Kansas City


Since we first opened for business on January 1, 1997 we have gained the trust and experience required to ensure the most memorable (but worry free) inflatable rentals in Kansas City.  Bounce house rentals aren't a side weekend job for us, bounce house rentals are our specialty!  As inflatable party rental professionals successful inflatable bounce rental experiences are what we expect to deliver 100% of the time.  It starts by making sure we are completely prepared for your very special event by keeping in constant communication with you from the time you reserve to the morning of your delivery.  On your event day we show up on time (if not early) to deliver and let you enjoy the rental for as long as promised, if not longer.  It's seems easy to overlook but we will also never double book your rental and cancel the lower paying customer (common practice in our industry) as when we confirm your rental the first time you can be certain we will show up, but not just show up, show up with the rental you ordered in clean condition and safe for play.  Some of our rentals are in newer condition, some may be older, but with regular inspections before each use age really is just a number here.  We understand the person purchasing our services is our customer but the end-use client are the countless children who will enjoy our rentals on their special days.  The only other person with a responsibility like this is Santa Clause but he only has to deliver once a year, while we are out delivering every single week striving for perfection so that the ONLY result for your special event will be SUCCESS!  When you reserve with us you're not just another customer because we truly and personally thank you trusting us to make your special big day as great as it should be.  Putting smiles on children's faces is the ultimate reward which we will always take seriously as we also believe has helped us earn the established reputation we hope to demonstrate at your upcoming special event soon!  When you want the best bounce house rental in town we believe we are the best choice with even more reasons why...


  1. Less Experienced (1/3 of all new business fold in the first 2 years)
  2. Less Prepared (we all learn from experience)
  3. Moonlighters (many have a "real" job & do bounces for extra income)
  4. Inferior Quality ($200 toy store inflatable not designed for rental use)
  5. They might make you pay for bad weather (or make you reschedule)
  6. Unlicensed & Undocumented (no business license, no sales tax collections)
  7. Not Reputable (no reviews; without a reputation nothing much to lose)
  8. Wrong Price (shorter rentals, hidden charges, delivery fees, etc)
  9. Inaccessible (due to their other weekday job they don't return messages)
  10. Business Philosophy:  you are extra money to them, that's all that matters

  1. Very Experienced (1000s of successful deliveries made since 1997)
  2. Very Prepared (we've seen it all, you won't find us unprepared)
  3. Specialists (we ONLY do inflatable rentals & are available 365 days/year)
  4. Commercial Quality ($2000 inflatables designed for party rental use)
  5. NO CHARGE EVER for rentals cancelled in advance due to weather
  6. Licensed & Documented (our license is current, we pay sales taxes monthly)
  7. Reputable (we strive for positive reviews, referrals, and repeat customers)
  8. Perfect Price (what we quote is all you'll pay, no hidden charges/surprises)
  9. Always Accessible (bounces are all we do, text 913-481-7474 to find out)
  10. Business Philosophy:  continue to grow our business one :) at a time

Air Jump Moonwalks KC Mission Statement

Our number one goal first and foremost is to make sure every child whose extra special fun day we are trusted with is completely satisfied with a fun, clean, and safe inflatable rental they can enjoy with family & friends all day if not longer.  We hope to do so with fair pricing for a completely satisfying experience beginning from the first day you reserve with us and not over until we say our final goodbyes on event day after another successful rental for you.  We understand how important it is to be 100% accountable so that no child ever goes disappointed with an Air Jump Moonwalks KC inflatable rental.  We are only human so yes we do make mistakes but most are never repeated; after more than two decades of experience our perfection rate is certainly much closer to 100% than 90%.  While many folks ask, "what's the price" - maybe a better question should be, "what's the product and service for the price?"  Inflatable party rentals and those providing them are certainly not all the same - which only inspires us to be better than anyone else at what we do!