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If you want to trust your upcoming extra special event with a company that might double book and cancel on the one they booked for the cheaper rental fee with a last minute excuse like, "truck broke down"; run into all their 1st year learning experiences at your event (no solution to operation issues the day of event); offer you one rental then bring out another (classic bait and switch); or just overall inexperience then Air Jump Moonwalks is NOT the bounce house party rental provider you are looking for; we would suggest just finding your cheapest option if nothing but price matters on such a big day.

For the customers who want their bounce house rental to be the last thing they worry about on the big day provided by proven experts trusted in Kansas City since 1997 then Air Jump Moonwalks is DEFINITELY the bounce house party rental provider your special event deserves.  Anyone can tell you they are the best and anyone who rents inflatables for profit can be considered a "professional," so what then sets us apart from our competitors in town?

We honestly have nothing against our competitors, most of them over the last 20+ years are already out of business, we don't pay much attention to them really.  We know who the very few are who were here back on day 1 when we started in 1997 but most are folks we know nothing about.  So many competitors have come and gone we cannot compare ourselves to them fairly.  We only know most other rental providers will need to experience the same "rookie" problems all rental providers do because there is no "how-to" book on running a flawless party rental business - hence the learning curve, a curve many years behind us here at Air Jump Moonwalks.  We expect the expected and the unexpected but we have seen just about everything there is to see in the inflatable party rental business.  When you rent with Air Jump Moonwalks we understand we take on a responsibility much like Santa Clause does, only his job is but once a year; we have to show up any day of the year / all year on time every time with the promised rental in clean and nice condition ready to satisfy 100% of our customers 100% of the time.  We have a blueprint for this that has worked for over two decades.  Our competitors might also have some good ideas but some they probably got from us; we did it best first.

We have a way of summing up our approach to business best with this example:  in June 2020 a little girl at one of our deliveries paid us one of the sweetest complements we have received in over two decades of business.  She was told she was having a surprise for her party and when she finally got to see our rental inflated in their backyard she exclaimed, "this is even better than a puppy" (she must have been thinking her surprise might be a puppy).  Puppies are really cute and awesome lifelong friends but to hear her say that really expresses how important our job is and how we understand that every single time our end customer is a child ready to have their best day of the week, month, maybe year, with friends, family, and neighbors alike.  The idea of business is usually to turn a profit but we also see the endless smiles we make as a tip well earned.  When you want a party rental provider that cares, Air Jump Moonwalks has a resume 2nd to none and works hard to get every smile we earn!

In closing, we hope to offer the fairest price for the best deal in Kansas City on a bounce rental but we all probably know "cheapest" and "best" don't usually go together in the same sentence.  We offer your choice of self pick up or our full delivery service that includes staying in touch with you by text and email from the time you reserve to the time we deliver, we are also always available instantly by text anytime you have a question including during your event.  Punctuality is also very important to us so you can set your alarm to our arrival time and count on us showing up when promised.  Driving to your event costs gas money and takes time, especially at times of rush hour, but getting there is important to us so we will drive safe and arrive when expected; if something causes a delay we can't prevent we may be a little late but we will at least keep in touch with you by text with updates.  We also clean our inflatables so you don't have to bounce in the trash, hair, or lawn from the previous customer who used it.  Upkeep is important so we also make the repairs needed when needed and replace items when they are showing signs of being worn out.  After reserving you may choose to interact with us only a little or maybe more but the job we do to prepare and make sure all goes perfect starts well before we arrive to your rental and continues until we say our final goodbye.  It should go without saying all bounce rentals everywhere should be top commercial quality - party size rentals in nice and clean condition, as ours are because we do care, but you won't find that just everywhere either.  Simply put, we are dedicated to doing our job with the most care and being the best at what we do with a quality of service nobody else can copy, even if they can offer the same exact bounce from the same provider we get ours at.  We didn't make this slogan up but "experience (really) is second to none."  We suggest gambling at the casino and not with your extra special event; trust Air Jump Moonwalks and your rental will be worry free.

Here are a few other ideas to consider:


  1. Less Experienced (1/3 of all new business fold in the first 2 years)
  2. Less Prepared (we all learn from experience)
  3. Moonlighters (many have a "real" job & do bounces for extra income)
  4. Inferior Quality ($200 toy store inflatable not designed for rental use)
  5. They might make you pay for bad weather (or make you reschedule)
  6. Unlicensed & Undocumented (no business license, no sales tax collections)
  7. Not Reputable (no reviews; without a reputation nothing much to lose)
  8. Wrong Price (shorter rentals, hidden charges, delivery fees, etc)
  9. Inaccessible (due to their other weekday job they don't return messages)
  10. Business Philosophy:  you are extra money to them, that's all that matters

  1. Very Experienced (1000s of successful deliveries made since 1997)
  2. Very Prepared (we've seen it all, you won't find us unprepared)
  3. Specialists (we ONLY do inflatable rentals & are available 365 days/year)
  4. Commercial Quality ($2000 inflatables designed for party rental use)
  5. NO CHARGE EVER for rentals cancelled in advance due to weather
  6. Licensed & Documented (our license is current, we pay sales taxes monthly)
  7. Reputable (we strive for positive reviews, referrals, and repeat customers)
  8. Perfect Price (what we quote is all you'll pay, no hidden charges/surprises)
  9. Always Accessible (bounces are all we do, text 913-481-7474 to find out)
  10. Business Philosophy:  continue to grow our business one :) at a time

Air Jump Moonwalks KC Mission Statement

Our number one goal first and foremost is to make sure every child whose extra special fun day we are trusted with is completely satisfied with a fun, clean, and safe inflatable rental they can enjoy with family & friends all day if not longer.  We hope to do so with fair pricing for a completely satisfying experience beginning from the first day you reserve with us and not over until we say our final goodbyes on event day after another successful rental for you.  We understand how important it is to be 100% accountable so that no child ever goes disappointed with an Air Jump Moonwalks KC inflatable rental.  We are only human so yes we do make mistakes but most are never repeated; after more than two decades of experience our perfection rate is certainly much closer to 100% than 90%.  While many folks ask, "what's the price" - maybe a better question should be, "what's the product and service for the price?"  Inflatable party rentals and those providing them are certainly not all the same - which only inspires us to be better than anyone else at what we do!