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(we have always been a home operated business)
Air Jump Moonwalks KC has been providing bounce house rentals since 1997 dedicated to providing top quality commercial grade party size inflatables that not only arrive as promised and on time but most importantly are designed with maximum safety features for your protection.  We purchase the highest grade products in the industry and inspect them before each use.  As COVID-19 affects human lives dramatically it also has affected our business procedures in related to safety concern.   We are still accepting reservations for all future dates starting 6/1/20 and after.  For events before 6/1/20 please see our requirements in the below paragraph.  Also, all customers can now reserve worry free of losing any deposit due to any plan changes.  All customers may choose to cancel for a full refund of all prepayments or reschedule if they have another date in mind with no cancellation penalty so long as at least 2 hours notice before expected delivery is provided by texting 913-481-7474 any time day or night. 
Rental Requirements During This Time:  we offer both self pick up and delivery options with the understanding to each other nobody at your event or on our end is known to be sick; anyone may come to our location and pick up a bounce house, since they are located at a home storage space we did not close down.   Delivered rentals will only be made to private residences for now to events expecting 10 or less guests.  Our delivery person may wear protective face wear and gloves plus will require complete isolation while working at your location, no guests or other people may be within 10 feet of our delivery person, for everyone's safety.  We also expect our customers to disinfect their rental before use as we make no promise to do so.  Our rentals have always been arriving clean but there is no way for us to see or promise a virus isn't around.  So long as your event meets the requirements of a safe experience for everyone in trying to social distance and limit transmission we would be delighted to see you for your upcoming event.
All Rentals Quarantined 6+ Days After Each Use:  during these times none of our rentals will be redelivered to another customer until seven full days of non-use pass first (last rented on a Sunday, won't go out until 8 days later on a Monday) as it has been suggested viruses can live on plastic material for 3-4 days; by delivering all our rentals after 6 or more days of use we believe this quarantine period should be the most effective way of providing a clean and safe rental for all our customers.  At your request we would be happy to provide you the exact date your rental was last in use.
Contactless Delivery & Self Pick Up:  to comply with social distancing we are now a 100% contactless business.  Our rental process works like this:  first you would choose your rental and then reserve at where your reservation will come to us via email and we will confirm your rental the same business day via email.  Within 72 hours of reserving a refundable $40 minimum deposit is required to hold your rental, you may cancel any time up to 2 hours before your scheduled delivery time for a full refund.  After receiving your deposit we will email you our rental contract with specific guidelines for safe play and other liability issues.  We will ask you to respond by text or email that you agree to the contract terms or if you do not then you may let us know and we will refund your payment in full as long as we learn this at least 2 hours before your scheduled delivery time.  If you haven't already paid in full yet you may do so online any way we offer when we arrive for delivery (or when you arrive for pickup) as we keep in touch the entire time via text, where for delivery you may also direct us to your setup location.  We require isolation for installation so all guests will be asked to be in another area for our arrival, including all children who otherwise are welcome to watch the install process.  We will also NOT do indoor events at this time, all must be outside in open air.

Before leaving your rental with you the day of delivery we will have a chance to speak from a safe social distance and make sure nobody has to be exposed to any contagions from our install process.  We are under the impression viruses can last up to 3 days on plastic hence we will immediately make unavailable all rentals that have been used within the past 72 hours; yet you may disinfect the rental any way you choose as we encourage.  We are also offering free overnight and next day on all rentals when you pay for the higher price day (reserve Saturday, we can come back Sunday night for pickup - etc).  We are very much not expecting to deliver to any large social gatherings until 5/15/20 of after, but for smaller backyard events with just your own children enjoying the rental we have found some customers are still enjoying our services.

We prioritize health and safety first, asking you to please do the same during these fluidly changing moments.  When folks are comfortably gathering in public again without worries we will definitely lift these restrictions, for now we again thank you for considering us and partnering with us to keep this a healthy experience for everyone.  Again, the reason we have not closed down is because we have always been a home business, our home didn't close down, and it's not illegal to drive to someone else's house (right now at least), even with a bounce house in your vehicle.  We definitely are not encouraging gatherings to go on at this time but again, our bounce house rentals are a great way for the kids already at home and bored to spend the day if not weekend.  If you have unanswered questions please text us at 913-481-7474.  Thanks again and we look forward to bouncing your way soon!